Theben Smart Home & KNX Training Case

This is how you teach & learn building automation!

The training cases from Theben are the perfect tool for in-depth technical training in building automation. The included devices are focused on the standard functions of a building (switching & dimming light, shading, heating, sensor technology) and enable a wide range of further applications.

1 Theben Smart Home & KNX training cases offer a robust housing in an elegant design - for easy transport and safe storage of the devices.
2 Both training cases include all the necessary devices from pushbuttons to actuators to weather stations.
3 Direct and simple display of actions: All actions are displayed directly on the integrated building floor plan. Including a digital blind simulation via an LED matrix.
4 Quick direct access to functions: All actions can be triggered via the front keypad of the actuators - even without parameterisation.

The training cases are already used for training in the field of smart home, network technology as well as KNX certificate courses. The intuitive layout of the cases enables focused learning by the participants. They are not distracted by interfering influences, such as complex operation or elaborate wiring.

Due to the safe construction of the training cases, they can be used by people from the age of 11. This also allows them to be used in schools.

TIP: You can find Torben Ledermann's extensive test video with all the details here.

Advantages for teachers

Focus on the essentials: Pre-wired devices eliminate the need for learners to perform wiring - which also reduces time spent troubleshooting.

Easy to transport: The training cases feature a robust case housing and are easy to transport and store.

Easy reset: "After the lesson, ready for the next lesson..", due to the integrated bus reset button all devices of the case can be reset to factory settings in less than one minute. Thus, the cases are easily and quickly prepared for the next teaching session.

Flexible and expandable: No matter what topics are added to the syllabus, the training cases from Theben provide the solid basis. With the included KNX bus adapter, the case can be expanded with additional KNX devices at any time - regardless of the manufacturer.

Three topics with one teaching aid (Smart Home training case)

  • Easy smart home programming with the KNX based smart home system LUXORliving and the free and intuitive commissioning software LUXORplug - including app operation via LUXORplay
  • Advanced parameterization of devices via ETS - the official commissioning tool of the KNX Association.
  • Wireless and wired network technology through the integrated WLAN/Ethernet router.

Advantages for learners

Direct and simple display of actions: All actions are displayed directly on the integrated building floor plan. Including a digital blind simulation via an LED matrix.

Fast direct access to functions: All actions can be triggered via the front keypad of the actuators - even without parameterization.

Learning on the model: Using sample projects, the various functions can be examined and then reproduced.


Smart Home Training Case


Smart Home Case: The most important functions at a glance

  • On/Off
  • Time switch
  • Twilight switch
  • On / Off delay
  • Staircase lighting circuit
  • Pulse switch
  • On/Off
  • Relative and absolute dimming 
    Time-dependent dimming value limitation
  • Roller shutter, blind and awning control
  • Automatic shading
  • Wind, frost and rain alarm for curtains and awnings
  • Integration of a door contact
Indoor temperature
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Heating & Cooling (Combined)
  • Heating interruption with an open window
Push button sensor
  • Integrating conventional push-buttons via 230 V binary inputs
  • Integration of conventional push-buttons via push-button interfaces
  • Push-button with optical feedback (RGB LEDs / display)
  • Room controller with room temperature control
Scene control
  • Control multiple devices with one button press
Timer functions
  • Switching
  • Dimming/dimming value limitation
  • Heating
  • Blinds
  • Scenes
  • Automatic sun control
Presence simulation
  • Define simulated room use profiles
Panic mode
  • All lights on 
  • All blinds up 
  • Lock operation
Visualisation via smartphone app
  • Operating the individual functions
  • Display of the individual states and values
  • User and rights management
Weather sensor system
  • Twilight control 
  • Frost alarm
  • Multi-level wind alarm
  • Rain alarm
  • Directional shading (4 light values)
  • Configuration via ETS
  • Expansion with additional devices - Manufacturer-independent
  • KNX-IP interface
  • Incl. KNX adapter plug
Network technology
  • IP address
  • SUBnet Mask
  • Gateway 
  • MAC address
  • Fixed addresses 
  • WAN uplink 
  • DHCP 
  • Wireless settings
  • Different operation modes
  • Guest network 
  • System tools

KNX training case

The KNX training case: Everything for aspiring KNX professionals

Our KNX training case is the perfect tool for standardised certificate courses of the KNX Association, The devices and functions contained in it are oriented towards the prescribed course contents (KNX basic and advanced course) and can be easily connected to each other via a KNX IPsecure router. Thus, a more complex topology with different building parts can be simulated with several cases. 

The KNX training case contains the following device types:


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